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Available now above or in the Play Store! Please read below for info and app features. Welcome to RearGuard, the Social Media Platform developed for self proclaimed Trumpers, Truthers and Patriots! Whether you are a Republican, Conservative, Traditionalist, United Patriot, or a Die Hard Right Winger, this is the place for you! Download now here, the Apple Store or in the Play Store! We here, at RearGuard, feel that this unique Social Media platform fills a great need. As many other social media apps fall by the wayside or are imposing restrictions on users, we offer a place for legal, responsible communication between loyal, patriotic citizens to meet and connect. We offer a Social platform that allows us to be loud, proud flag waving Americans. We know you are more passionate, go ahead, raise some hell, we don’t mind. This is not a forum for illicit or illegal activities or adult content of any kind. This platform is not for everyone, the average user will have conservative views looking for other conservatives to meet and talk to. This is still America where law abiding citizens can speak their minds in a forum made for them. We are not promoting hate or violence, just providing a place where conservative people can connect and network with like minded folks.
Please email admin@rearguardapp.com with any questions. Come meet your tribe!

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